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Our Lady’s College, Greenhills, Drogheda, Co. Louth


Green-Schools is an international environmental education programme and award scheme that promotes and acknowledges long-term, whole-school action for the environment.

Green-Schools fosters a strong sense of citizenship and leadership among participants that spreads far outside the school into the wider community. It also promotes a strong sense of teamwork among teachers, pupils and the wider community to reach a common high-level goal. It brings pupils into the decision-making process and makes them responsible for their decisions and actions. In fact it could be best described as being ‘more than the sum of its parts’. In Our Lady’s College, no effort is spared on the part of teachers and pupils to achieve these standards in caring for our shared environment.

Green-Schools Committee - Action Plan 2019/2020

The Green-Schools Committee is doing its best to make ‘Greenhills go Green’. This involves meeting every Tuesday lunchtime to work on our Action Plan. Our focus this year was on ‘Waste’. Our Action Plan, which is up on our noticeboard, includes a checklist of what we want to have achieved by the end of 2020.  Over the past few months we have been able to check off many items from our list including…

  • 4 new recycling bins on the main corridors
  • an organic wheelie-bin for the school
  • an organic caddy for the staff room
  • plastic bottle bin in every classroom
  • the removal of the plastic water bottle machines from the school
  • promoted the use of reusable water bottles
  • the sale of reusable cups in Tea & Toast
  • the use of compostable packaging on items sold in the school cafeteria

We realise that we can only achieve all of our aims if everybody in the school is on board so we would like to thank all of the students, teachers, Gerry, Cafeteria ladies and cleaning staff for all of your support so far. However, this is only the start. There is a lot more to do in the months and years ahead to turn Greenhills green! New members are always welcome!