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Our Lady's College, Greenhills, Drogheda, Co. Louth


Approximately 25 years ago Mrs Anne Nolan decided to host her first 24hr badminton marathon.

At the time Anne ran a junior badminton club in Bray. She did this voluntarily and without any help for many years. She was also a very active member of her parish which at that particular time was struggling to raise funds for a new parish centre. And so she decided to get the Junior Club and the Adult club to join together to fundraise by playing badminton for 24hrs.

15yrs ago while she was coaching in St Joseph of Cluny School and Miss Nolan (Jn) was starting out in Greenhills they decided to come together to re-light the marathon torch with a 12hr marathon through the night. For the first few years our girls travelled to the Dublin school where the event took place. It was then relocated to Our gym and extended to 24hrs.

This event is open to all students. Play begins at 7am on a Friday morning and continues through until 7am Saturday morning. Over 400 students took part this year at various stages throughout the 24hrs.

Every year our students fundraise by getting sponsorship and over the past 16yrs have raised €82,426.22. This money has helped many different groups over the years including Greenhills Sports development , Jamie’s Journey Fund, The Abaile group, the Boomerang Café , A woman’s development centre in Malawi and Nagle house school in Zimbabwe. This year was no except with €4000 going to Zimbabwe and €1740 to the Boomerang Café. Over the next few years the aim is to hit the €100,000 target.