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History is the study of the experience of human life in the past. That study is based on available evidence which the historian interprets so that we may develop our understanding of those who have gone before us and, thereby, gain a greater understanding of ourselves and the times in which we live. It also helps us to see how human institutions change over time and how people interact with circumstances to bring about change. Living in a changing world themselves, it helps to give students a unique perspective on human experience of change.


History is a core subject in the Junior Cert curriculum. It is offered as a module in Transition Year. It is a choice subject at Leaving Cert level on the Arts line.

Complementing the variety of subject matter, the syllabus, both at Junior and Senior level, encourages a variety of approaches to the teaching of history, such as, use of different types of historical sources, fieldtrips, biographical studies and comparative studies. Consequently annual History tours are an integral part of the teaching of History in Our Ladys College.

Junior Cycle

  • Topics Studied:

 1st Year: Early Irish and European History including Stone and Bronze ages, Early Christian Ireland, Medieval Ireland and the Renaissance.

 2nd Year: Voyages of Exploration, Reformation, Plantations, Revolutions, Industrial Revolution and the Famine.

3rd Year: 20th century Irish and European history, including World War 11 and Cold War, and Social history.

Transition Year

  • Topics Studied:

In recent years various modules have been taught including :

  • The Holocaust
  • The Great Famine
  • The 1913 Strike & Lockout
  • The Battle of the Somme

Senior Cycle

  • Topics Studied: The syllabus changes every 2 years. Currently the modules being taught are:

Irish History:

  • Movements for Political Reform 1870-1914
  • The Pursuit of Sovereignty 1920-1949

European & Wider World History:

  • Dictatorship and Democracy in Europe 1919-1945
  • The United States and the World 1945-1989


  • Archaeology, Archivist, Administration, Architecture, Book Trade,  Civil Sevice, Diplomatic Service, Law, Librarian, Local Government Service, Management, Museum work, Personnel, Political Research, Publishing, Social Work, Tourism, Theatre, Travel Agent.

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