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ChemistryChemistry is concerned with the nature of substances and how they behave and interact. It looks at substances at the level of the atom up to its "macro" structure - external appearance and behaviour.

Major topics include:

Atoms - atomic theory, structure, periodic table, historical development of science 

Acids and bases - What they are and how they react. 
Redox Reactions - oxidations and reduction reactions 
Chemical Kinetics – How fast Chemical Equilibrium – How far Environmental Chemistry - Water and the atmosphere Metals.

Organic Chemistry - origins in crude oil to make Alcohol, perfumes, soaps & plastics.

All of these topics are related to modern life & society - about 20% for the social and applied aspects of the course.

Skills developed include - observation, recording, manual dexterity (in 28 mandatory experiments).

Logical reasoning and clarity of explanation.

Some mathematical skills are developed. The ability to picture images in your head is a very useful skill to have.


Agriculture; Architect; Brewing technologist; Chemist; Dental surgery; Dietician; Doctor; Chemical engineering; Food science Technologist; Fuel technologist; Health inspector; Industrial Chemist; Nurse; Optician; Pharmacist; Physiotherapist, Polymer scientist, Radiographer, Forensic Scientist; Photographic processing; Cosmetic science.


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