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Parents Council Church Gate Collection

The Parents Council are holding their annual Churchgate collection on Saturday and Sunday 26th and 27th March. We are looking for volunteers for all churches (especially country churches) if you or anyone you know is available please contact Sandra @ 086 2109863. Please pass this on to other Greenhills parents and past parents. All volunteers would be forgotten.

6 Week Draw 2016

At this stage all families should have got details of the 6 week draw and cards posted to their homes.

Lines cost €2 per week and €60 for a full card for the entire 6 weeks.

1st Prize: €150 weekly

2nd Prize: €100 weekly

3rd Prize: €50 weekly

plus Bonus Prize on week 6 for Full Cards.

There will be a special prize for the class that brings in the most money: A make-up Artist from MAC will come and spend time with the winning class.

The funds we raise this year will go towards a number of projects including the extension of the security system in the school and replacing some of the older'box' desks with new tables.


Surveys are a central part of school life. Periodically we carry out student and parent surveys to evaluate the work and experience of students within the school.

Below is an example used in the school's self evaluation process.

The answers were analysed and fed into a review of the year and the results helped us focus on areas for improvement within the school and the curriculum for 2015.

Letters Home

Parents' Council Floral Demonstration

The Parents' Council have distributed a letter regarding the Christmas Floral Demonstration:

Christmas Floral Demonstration 2015

Letter Regarding new School E-mail System

The following letter from the principal was distributed to students concerning the new Office 365 e-mail and calendar system in 2014/15.

Dear Parents/Guardians,
As part of the development of IT in the school we are introducing a new e-mail system (Microsoft 365) to all students in the school. Each student is provided with a school e -mail address and password attached to this letter. This is the first step in the creation of a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) on a phased basis.

With the current Microsoft 365 system we are incorporating a School Directory (to look up anyone`s e-mail address) and a School Calendar on the system. This will be the official platform for communicating digitally within the school community. Within this environment all school rules apply. All pupils have agreed to the terms and conditions of the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy), signed at the beginning of the school year, to ensure appropriate usage within the VLE. This policy will soon be available on the Board page of the website.
The system can be used across different devices and is accompanied with a specific app (OWA) available for free on the app store. This opens up many possibilities to improve teaching and learning within the school.

This week, at school assemblies a demonstration will be made to each year-group. Also detailed instructions on logging on to the system are available on the school website.
Currently pupils are not allowed to use personal devices to access the school internet and students are not allowed to connect to the schools wireless network unless expressly permitted by the Principal. Please see the school website for advice on the use of the internet.

I would like to thank the IT committee for their work over the last number of weeks.

Geraldine Mulvihill

School Principal

Home School Liason

Home School Community Liason Scheme

schoolThe HSCL scheme was discontinued by the Department of Education and Skills sometime around 2009. The following article, written around 2005, is left online to explain the scheme as it existed before that.

The HSCL scheme was established in 1990 and has been operating in Our Lady`s College, Greenhills since 1992. It is based on the principle of partnership between the home, the school, and the community.


The aims of the Liason scheme are: 
(i) The actual participation of the children in the learning process, especially those who might be at risk of early school leaving.

(ii) To promote active co-operation between home, school, and the relevant community agencies in promoting the educational interests of the children.

(iii) To raise awareness in parents of their own capacity to enhance their childrens` educational progress.

(iv) To enhance the childrens` uptake from education, their relation in the educational system, their continuation to Leaving Cert level and to third level.

Home Visitation is a crucial element in establishing bonds of trust with families. Community ownership of the scheme is through the development of Local Committees.

The training of TY students as Peer Educators by the health board, and the imparting of the knowledge learned about drink, drugs, and smoking to first year students is a project which the Local Committee initiated and is implementing in the school under the guidance of the Home School Liason Officer. A care team meets once a fortnight in the school to identify students in the school who need extra care and attention socially and educationally. This team consists of the guidance personnel, deputy principal, chaplain, resource teacher and the Home School Liason Officer. Each year there are courses arranged in the school for parents. They take place in the school during the day and are free to parents. Over the years we have had personal development classes, computer classes, and in 2008 we started flower arranging classes. Over the years Drogheda Partnership have been instrumental in the development of many pilot projects in the school. They have also financed and personally supported the Homework Club.

Home School Community Liason helps children make the most of their time at school, especially those who might leave school early. It also encourages co-operation between parents and school to help each student reach their full potential.


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