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Literacy and Numeracy Plan for 2015-2016

Over the past year there has been identifiable improvement in the literacy of students in the school. The focus of the Literacy and Numeracy group is to continue the improvements made through the implementation of:  ‘Words of the Week’ and ‘Drop everything and read’, increasing use of the book club and the school library and an effort to increase the use of noticeboards around the school to promote student  created work that highlights both literacy and numeracy.

In full awareness of the huge amount of work teachers implement in their lessons and plans on a daily basis in order to increase the literacy and numeracy of students there is an intention to support student literacy and numeracy with a whole school approach in order to secure the following:

    •    The improvement of verbal skills and oral language development.
    •    The improvement of students’ ability in functional writing, in particular sentence structure, sentence length, phrasing, grammar and punctuation.
    •    To encourage more students to read.
    •    To utilise data from test scores (e.g. Maths Competency Tests/ evaluation of “Operation Oracy” presentations/CAT scores) for analytical purposes and future evaluations i.e. gathering of evidence.
    •    To encourage further “Assessment for Learning” techniques in 2015-16 acquired from the in-service from Della Meade.
    •    Increase focus on “Words of the Week” and “Numeracy Moments” by including the words and numeracy moment template in the student journal.
    •    To provide on – going CPD for the School’s Literacy and Numeracy link teachers.
    •    To place a folder for the schools literacy and numeracy resources and scores on office 365.
    •    Improve parent/guardian understanding of their role in promoting and improving    student literacy and numeracy

How teachers can support Literacy and Numeracy  in the school:

    •    Including a focus on Literacy and Numeracy in subject department files.
    •    By supporting cross curricular Literacy strategies e.g. “Words of the Week” and “Drop Everything and Read”
    •    By Increasing the use of “Words of the Week” and “Numeracy across the curriculum” by encouraging students to make use of the support material in the student journal, and in the classroom.
    •    To improve oral literacy by implementing “Operation Oracy”
    •    Encouragement of students  in reading answers and classwork aloud in class.
    •    The use of verbal reports for group work, paired work and homework.
    •    Reading homework to be given across subjects.
    •    Paired work and group work to be used in class.
    •    The increased use of IT in lessons.
    •    To encourage the use of the book club in the school library and the cafeteria book club.

Intended improvements:
Improvement of “Words of the Week” usage by students across all subject areas to increase by 10%.
To improve oral literacy across all categories and criteria by 10%.
       Maths Competency scores for first years to improve by 10% over the evaluation period.

Assessment of the Literacy and Numeracy endeavours:
Surveys will be used in order to identify how show that oral literacy has improved over the school year.
Scores in the Maths Competency tests should show improvement among first year students over the evaluation period.
Surveys of  teachers/students/parents will be conducted regarding use of “words of the week” and “operation oracy”
Maths Competency tests to be administrated to first year students. (Firstly in September 2015 and retested in the second term to see if targets have been achieved)


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